Dave Nash and Associates , LLC (DN&A) combines an exemplary track record as a premier project development firm serving businesses and governments worldwide with a team of renewable energy experts whose background and knowledge position DN&A to be a world class company. DN&A brings its experienced team, creative vision, and clear focus to lead the industry and provide our clients and partners with exceptional project and program management services for large infrastructure projects and solar, wind, bioenergy projects throughout the world's developed and emerging markets.

Our principals employ broad and significant experience to build renewable energy power plants and deliver timely and smart solutions to businesses and governments, leveraging a network of relationships throughout the world to achieve our client’s and partner’s project objectives.

DN&A’s vision is to be a leading consultant and premier provider of turn-key project development and infrastructure program management services for clients and partners globally.

We believe the astute project owner — private or public — cannot risk poor execution which is inevitable when project leaders lack essential qualifications, broad experience, and the professional support necessary to deliver a high-quality product. The DN&A team brings world-class expertise to the development of its independently owned renewable energy facilities and to its client and partner projects worldwide.

Superior project execution demands superior leadership.


DN&A provides superior services to clients around the world.


Renewable Energy  Power Plants

DN&A’s strong infrastructure, project management and program management background, coupled with our world class team of renewable energy experts in solar, wind, bioenergy and project finance, position DN&A to become a global leader.

DN&A provides advisory services to entities interested in building, owning, operating and financing small- to medium-sized power plants and distributed generation facilities in Europe and the United States. Our business model encourages partnerships, inviting land owners, municipalities, regional authorities and rural utilities to procure services or partner with DN&A to achieve distributed generation objectives and renewable portfolio standards.

Our leadership ensures quality delivery, integrity and exceptional execution for DN&A projects, clients and partners. The DN&A team brings more than one hundred years combined experience in military, government and commercial project management, program management, renewable energy development and finance to its client’s initiatives.

Large Infrastructure Program and Project Management

DN&A provides consulting services and expertise to owners and contractors as they conceive, plan, and undertake large infrastructure programs and projects throughout the world. Consulting services include help with preparing the Program Management Plan (PMP), which we believe is the foundation of all successful programs.

DN&A's PMP supports  all aspects of Program Management including program definition, acquisition planning, work breakdown structure, conceptual cost estimating, design management, risk management planning, and organization to shape the program toward success.

We offer construction management, serving as a representative of the owner, to assist with procurement, construction management oversight, project controls, project management, quality assurance, and safety oversight. DN&A's experienced professionals can facilitate development of integrated delivery teams where owners, designers and constructors collaborate as equals to successfully deliver the program or project. Through consultation and implementation assistance in the selection and installation of program management systems, DN&A helps owners and contractors control costs, adhere to scope, and stay on schedule, thereby ensuring project success. Finally, DN&A can assist to ensure sustainable facilities.

Project Development

This service is provided to investors, entrepreneurs and capital investment firms looking to invest or locate financing for projects primarily in alternative energy areas or infrastructure initiatives, including energy projects such as solar and wind. DN&A can assist in the following areas:

  • Accomplishing due diligence on contemplated projects or contemplated acquisitions of other companies.
  • Undertaking feasibility studies for projects throughout the world.
  • Identifying funding sources for projects

In this service area, the company will seek an equity position in lieu of total fees.

Facilities Management

DN&A can assist with facilities management programs with large portfolios where life cycle management is desired and resources are constrained. This includes all aspects of Facilities Management - from planning to acquisition to operation and maintenance to disposal. We can help with sustainability as well as energy conservation and alternative energy utilization.

DN&A can assist companies interested in entering into, or expanding their market share of, the U.S. Government (USG) construction market. This service includes assistance in strategic planning, identification of internal organization and approach to maximize market share, while complying with rules and regulations of the USG. We offer guidance and support in building the right relationships with Government decision makers. DN&A can assist on “Red Team” reviews and help in other areas of proposal preparation support. The DN&A team knows how to identify and develop a positive relationship with qualified disadvantaged and minority businesses that must be used in USG contracts.

U.S. Government

DN&A can assist in organizational change management for construction firms or owner organizations focused on infrastructure and facilities. We can provide assistance in making lasting, positive change to existing organizations as well as helping to form new organizations that have a new mission or responsibility. Assistance can include help with:

  • Strategic planning to implementation of a new organization to implementation of new programs and project management systems.
  • Facilitating the creation of integrated delivery teams.
  • Providing partnership on programs and projects.

As experts in governance in the public and private sectors, members of the DN&A team can assist clients in security matters, including assessment and other security-related concerns.

Leadership and Business

DN&A provides its experience and expertise to private and public entities through

  • Consultation and assistance with the planning and implementation of sound personnel and facility security operations to support business and governmental endeavors in emerging markets.
  • Support in planning and execution of effective acquisition and procurement of desired facilities, services, and logistics solutions for projects, programs, and operations in emerging markets.

Executive Consultation

Our Work


The Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District is responsible for the operation and management of the Golden Gate Bridge. DN&A is providing a member of the Design Review Panel that is advising on the design of a seismic retrofit to the center section of the bridge.

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Metronet Rail

Metronet Rail was responsible for upgrading, replacing and maintaining two-thirds of the London Underground—its trains, stations, signaling, track, tunnels, bridges and other related infrastructure. DN&A provided advisory services pertaining to large infrastructure program management for the Metronet Rail Board of Directors.



NASA's mission is to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research. DN&A provided consulting services regarding facilities decisions to support the future missions of NASA.


AECOM provides technical professional services within the infrastructure, environmental, and facilities markets. DNAI provided program management support on a large program to move the U.S. Marines from Japan to Guam. Dave Nash personally served on the AECOM Senior Advisory panel for this project




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Admiral Nash has more than five decades of experience in building, design and program management for the U.S. Navy and the private sector. He is a licensed Professional Engineer with hands-on experience at all program and project levels. Admiral Nash’s experience includes the management of very large and complicated physical asset programs, including the U.S. Navy’s shore installations worldwide and the reconstruction of Iraq’s infrastructure. During his career, Admiral. Nash has provided construction, program, financial, and acquisition management services for programs and projects all over the world including multiple billion dollar global construction programs that encompassed industrial facilities, transportation, housing and utilities projects; established innovative acquisition procedures from field to executive level, and created and initially managed the largest reconstruction program ever attempted by the US Government outside its borders.

Admiral Nash is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Society of American Military Engineers Golden Eagle Award, the Beavers Award for Heavy Engineering Construction, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the John I. Parcel-Leif J. Sverdrup Award for Civil Engineering Management, and the CERF/IIEC Henry L. Michel Award for Industry Advancement of Research. He received the Carroll Dunn Award of Excellence by Construction Industry Institute in 2007 and the ASCE’s Outstanding Leaders and Projects Lifetime Award for Government for 2009. He received the Ted Kennedy Lifetime Contribution to the Construction Industry Award from the National Academy of Construction in 2016. 


REAR adminral Bob Gallen, CEC, USN (RET.)

RADM Gallen has more than 40 years experience in Engineering Management. His prior Navy career concluded with responsibilities for the Navy’s total facilities management and construction programs in the US and overseas. He also held a variety of hands-on senior acquisition, design, contracting, construction, and facilities management positions in both Washington, D.C. and NAVFAC's major field activities. His expertise includes profit centers, acquisitions, integration of merged companies, and project and program management. With significant inside and outside Government experience in Federal contracting, construction and facilities management, he provides a wide range of expertise to clients. RADM Gallen has been highly successful in the pursuit and execution of major design-build programs in the US and overseas, he also brings significant experience in billion dollar programs and joint-venture contracts management.

Lino Cardarelli 

Mr. Lino Cardarelli brings to our clients more than twenty-five years of management experience with international industrial corporations and financial institutions. His range of expertise includes acquisitions, project financing, and the management of companies involved in engineering and construction, heavy and specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and machine tools.

His sphere of industry experience includes projects in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, the United States, the United Kingdom, and countries across Europe, including France, Spain and Switzerland. Most recently, Cardarelli served with the Iraq Program Management Office (PMO) in Baghdad and in the Italian Government as an economic advisor.

Rear Admiral Rich Cellon,CEC, USN (ret) 

Prior to joining DN&A, Rich served as President of the Downstream Oil and Gas segment of Willbros Group, a global contractor specializing in energy infrastructure.

Admiral Cellon retired from active duty in October 2009, after more than 31 years of Naval service. His final duty assignment was as Commander, FIRST Naval Construction Division (2007-2009).

A native of Gainesville, FL, Admiral Cellon is a 1978 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. He holds master’s degrees from the University of Florida (Civil Engineering) and the Naval War College (National Security and Strategic Studies). Admiral Cellon also attended the Wharton School’s Advanced Management Program at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a registered professional engineer in Virginia and California.

Pete Marshall

Mr. Pete Marshall has more than 40 years experience in design, construction and facilities management, including facilities acquisition, engineering and quality assurance expertise. He has successfully led a company through ISO 9000:2001 certification and has worked with clients throughout all phases of facilities life cycle from initial concept planning and programming into design and construction and through to facilities operations, maintenance and demolition. Mr. Marshall has extensive program management, engineering experience and project management, development and operations expertise. His background includes 32 years of experience with the US Navy, Naval Facilities Engineering Command. Mr. Marshall has delivered a wide range of facilities projects to his clients, demonstrating strengths in infrastructure planning, program management, field and contingency engineering, facilities management and business unit reorganization.

Bruce Geibel

Mr. Bruce Geibel is a former career Navy Civil Engineer Corps officer (Captain-06) and civilian facilities management specialist with more than 40 years overlapping leadership and management expertise in design, safety, construction, contract administration, and quality control (QC). Mr. Geibel has extensive experience in environmental issues, hangar construction, operations and maintenance, administrative, personnel, public works, financial, auditing, and disaster relief (storm mitigation) response management. He has a strong background in infrastructure planning; long-range strategic planning; financial planning; audit and inventory oversight; utilities plant operations and maintenance (water, sewer, telephone, electricity and gas)/ Mr. Geibel has performed joint-service duty in NATO with Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps personnel from 16 nations


Dr. Raj Mishra has over 36 years of industrial experience related to facilities engineering and management. He worked for General Motors for over 28 years and for Parsons Brinckerhoff for 3 years. At General Motors, he was responsible for developing and implementing the Chemicals Management program and the Resource Management program. GM has realized cost savings of hundreds of millions of dollars as a result of these programs. 

Dr. Mishra has expertise in environmental engineering, energy engineering, and systems engineering. He has experience in air pollution control, water pollution control, and energy systems optimization. He has also worked in developing and implementing Health & Safety programs and ISO 14000 programs. His work assignments have taken him around the globe from USA to Europe to Asia. 

Dr. Mishra has over 100 technical articles published, and presented, in leading international engineering journals. He holds a MBA and a PhD in Chemical Engineering and has received various awards including the Rudolfs Medal from the Water Environment Federation, the Outsourcing World Achievement Award, and the CMS Medal of Honor from the Chemical Strategies Partnership.


Dennis Plockmeyer

Mr. Dennis Plockmeyer has more than forty years of broad-based experience in facilities life-cycle management.  Prior to joining DN&A, Plockmeyer served as Chief Information Officer for the 17,000-desktop IT infrastructure supporting the widely dispersed Naval Facilities Engineering Command's operations/maintenance mission.  Additionally, he served as architect of infrastructure management systems for the entire Naval ashore establishment and as IT project manager supporting the facilities and infrastructure management system of the Project Management Office in Iraq.

John Mason

Mr. Mason is an executive advisor with more 15 years senior management experience, across the USA, Asia and Europe. He has held senior roles in program, executive and design management. Mr. Mason’s responsibilities have included the development and implementation of short, medium and long term marketing strategies, client relationship management for key clients, pursuit and bid management, public relations and communications, establishment and management of market sector sales targets, corporate reporting and staff development. During his time with PB, Mr. Mason was instrumental in establishing, managing and winning a number of strategic program management tenders including East London Line, Manchester Metrolink and Edinburgh Tram. Additionally, Mr. Mason has extensive experience in the planning, design, procurement, management and supervision of major highway and railway projects in the UK and overseas, for both the public and private sectors.

Marcus Saine

Mr. Marcus Saine brings more than three decades of experience operating throughout the Middle East, both as a banker and a senior advisor to the U.S. Government and military officials.  Formerly a multi-lingual advisor to the U.S. Government in Afghanistan and Iraq with a keen appreciation for local politics and business, Saine successfully established relationships with key power brokers in Afghanistan and Iraq to help implement policy


Mr. Thomas Wright is a results-driven senior executive, known for his job integrity; his art of forming and maintaining client relations; and his innate ability to problem solve, modify and re-design for ultimate performance. Prior to joining the DN&A team, Mr. Wright served 24 years as President of International Iron Works, Inc (IIWI). whose primary specialty is design and implementation of water projects on four continents. IIWI successfully completed DOD contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan early and below budget; completed DOD contracts to privatize food catering on military basis; and introduced ductile iron into Brazil, resulting in the creation of three new production facilities. Mr. Wright also brings a vast knowledge base from his experience in oilfield tubular goods. His company, Central Pipe & Supply, designed and installed the longest and heaviest vertical string of 9 inch pipe in the world, in Wyoming. Mr. Wright was the top salesman at Central and was solely responsible for initiating a creative inventory trading program that significantly reduced capital budgets for oil companies; and which resulted in company expansion, opening new offices in Dallas, Oklahoma City, Denver and New Orleans. With the oilfield crash in the 1980's, Mr. Wright used his wealth of knowledge and experiences to recreate a company that filled current market needs. Mr. Wright is well versed in global events and welcomes new challenges.  



Timothy Lowe

Mr. Timothy Lowe brings to our clients over twenty years of Project Engineering and Senior Program/Project Management Controls experience.  He has an extensive background in the successful delivery of heavy civil/structural projects as well as highly complex industrial, manufacturing, petrochemical, refineries, and major water/sewer/power initiatives. He has demonstrated his proficiency in Project Portfolio Management, Change Management, and Risk Identification/Mitigation Management.   His management information systems knowledge is key to designing, configuring, operating, and sustaining complex program/project information systems.  These efforts include the deployment of a robust web-base client interface that delivers program cost, scope, and schedule status to all program stakeholders.





DN&A enhances its networking capabilities and strengthens its global position through its associations, client portfolio, and company affiliations.



By affiliating with like-minded, like-focused companies around the world, Dave Nash and Associates  (DN&A) can tap any necessary resources in order to provide owners and contractors with the wide-ranging services that can be required to take any program or project from the ah-ha moment through full conceptualization, planning, design, build, launch, implementation, and life cycle management.

MELE Associates

MELE Associates was established in 1971 and incorporated in 1993 as a Veteran-owned, minority owned, small business that understands the value of effective solutions that emphasize customer satisfaction. MELE Associates provides program management, security intelligence, information systems technology, and engineering solutions for business and government.

Sustainable Biofuels Solutions, LLC

Sustainable Biofuels Solutions, LLC (SBS), led by David Nash (RADM USN, Ret), was formed to engineering and project develop advanced renewable energy technologies. SBS ,a company with World Class leadership, offers two revolutionary new technology platforms, Continuous Microwave Thermo Catalytic Depolymerization (CMD) and Sublimax, are available to the renewable energies market to affordably, efficiently and responsibly produce renewable drop-in fuel and electricity from biomass and municipal solid waste (MSW).


Society Of American Military Engineers 

The mission of the Society of American Military Engineers is to promote and facilitate engineering support for national security by developing and enhancing relationships and competencies among uniformed services, public and private sector engineers, and related professionals.

The Project Management Institute

With more than 265,000 members in over 170 countries, PMI is the leading membership association for the project management profession. PMI is actively engaged in advocacy for the profession, setting professional standards, conducting research, and providing access to a wealth of information and resources.

National Academy of Construction

The purpose of the Academy is to establish a body of acknowledged construction industry leaders and to provide them recognition through election to the National Academy of Construction. Public advisory service may be offered from time to time as the need arises. The Academy will show recognition to fresh and novel industry achievement with appropriate awards programs. An important purpose of the Academy is to provide a network system of linkage between past and present participants in the construction industry.

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